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Romans 12v2: "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

Disclaimer Notice


This DISCLAIMER which is also known as terms of use applies from the 01 day of January, 1990 henceforth; Such that:

It is to be noted that the characters are the original designs of JSS Hopewell. They are animated characters often set within natural life context and do on many occassions carry Christian faith refrences. TYG is a Christian company, therefore there is an unapologetic Christian overtone in many of our card designs and the truth reflected in them.

The animations, their behavious, characteristics, messages or captions are made/written to attack any person, gender, groups, nation or nations, culture or religion nor are they are designed to inspire inspire love, joy, family, relationships and bless the giver & receivers. They are not designed to assert supremacy of ideology, doctrine, dogma, spirituality or belief.

On the contrary they are designed to share LOVE,RESPECT, KINDNESS, PEACE and to inspire peaceful co-existence, mutual respect for people in general.

There is no malice or intention by the artist(s) to insult, offend or aggravate any one or their faith and beliefs, be they Christians, Muslims, Jews or other faiths.

This disclaimer concerns all the artworks of TYG Crads, including: FROGGY, DUCKY, FISHY, CLOWN, HANDS, ABSTRACT & and many others.

The artist proudly asserts that his views and designs are his own, unique only to him and is not inspired by anyone else' work, style or ideas. He does this out of LOVE which is what motivated him to start creatng the characters in 1990.

The artist & TYG CARDS -The Company affirms and confirms that we are Christian by faith, as such Christianity and Christian view are prevalent in our works, cards, designs and thought patterns. He respects everyone and embrace people regardless of their faith, gender, sexual orientation, politics or affiliations.

People who are put off by animation, spirituality, the conecpt of GOD are respectfully asked not to buy our product. Your statutory rights are unaffacted!

All you data submitted to this website are kept private and are not shared with any third party persons or companies. PayPal payment system are safe & encypted. You maytherefore shop from our website without concerns.

TYG Card Collection

Our range are thoughtfully created to be different, encouraging, heart warming and aimed at bringing joy to the givers and receivers alike. All our customers matter to us, even as we aim to please God daily.

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