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Bulk Order Information


We welcome retailers, shop keepers and traders who wish to stock up on our commercial range. We have cards in all categories at wholesale/ trade prices. Retailers outside of the United Kingdom or Europe may incur customs duty in their countries in order import printed matter. You are advised to check with the appropriate authorities in your country prior to placing an order with us.

We can supply any quantity of bulk printed greeting cards for businesses or traders. We are constantly expanding and improving our product range. We curently have a vast range of cards for all occassions and specialise in the Kingdom (Christian) & secular card range.

We welcome direct inquiries from store retailers, general traders and wholesalers seeking to stock our range of cards and merchandise.

If you are looking to start a greeting card business we would love to work with you! We can help you to build a beautiful range to suit your store, budget and vision.

We are able to work with you regardless of the size of your budget, store size, location or preferences. We are delighted and we are willing to work with you. So, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

With our experienced retail market team, we have a lot of knowledge and know-how and will work with you on concepts, planning and implementation, from start to finish. We can provide assistance to suit individual business needs.

Trade inquiries are welcomed for most TYG Cards range, including: FROGGY, DUCKY, FISHY, CLOWN, HANDS, ESTHER RANGE, ABSTRACT COLLECTION and many others.

International inquiries are welcomed and encouraged as we are seeking to expand our global reach.

Wholesale price will depend upon quantity of cards ordered and volume of repeat trade proposed. Please email your requests/requirement for quote to: cards@tygcards.com or send us a fax to:
Tel: 44 131 608 1036

TYG Card Collection

Our range are thoughtfully created to be different, encouraging, heart warming and aimed at bringing joy to the givers and receivers alike. All our customers matter to us, even as we aim to please God daily.

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Email: cards@tygcards.com

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